How to use custom models and textures in hammer and save them as part of the map

Hey im quite new to mapping and i was wondering how i could import these models into my map and then have them work without need all the clients to download the model pack.


If you’re using the Episode 2 config (which is the most common one used for Gmod), install the models to steamapps/username/half life 2 episode 2/ep2.

You should then be able to place them in Hammer.

Once you’ve finished your map, download and run Pakrat (you need Java for it) and open your map’s BSP file in it. Then simply scan for custom content used and pack it into the map.


ninjad but mine was more detailed :smug:

so after i finnish the map and use pakrat it automatically includes the model files in my map i am using the ep1 engine and css for the game if i use models from ep2 this will automatically include them?

Not pakrat, Vide’s pakfile editor thing.

If it’s default content you’re trying to include, don’t. It’s warez.

I don’t think valve would give much of a shit tbh. As long as he’s not selling it and he hasn’t added like the whole of ep2 to it then it should be ok.