How to use derma scroll bars

Guys, don’t send me links to gmod wiki, cause I already tried looking at that, and found multiple derma controls, and its very confusing, I just need to see an example.

How do you put a scrollbar in a derma frame so that you can scroll through a large amount of text instead of it being cut off…

If I were you, I would add a DPanelList to your DFrame, then add the text to the DPanelList. If you created the text to be wrapped it should add a scrollbar automatically.

what do you mean to be wrapped?

It will
show up
like this

instead of all on one giant line.

ok thx :slight_smile: how do I create the text to be wrapped? =S like manually put in new lines? does the dpanellist put in the scrollbar?


it didnt work, can someone just put a tutorial on how to use scrollbars???

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What I mean by it didnt work is, the scrollbar didnt show

You check the length of the string on the screen and check if it’s longer then the panel

I created the text to be wrapped, its a DPanelList(the text is in a DLabel parented to teh DPanelList) and its not working :frowning:

bump cause I still don’t have the answer

I used a DPanelList, and I put DPanelListName:AddItem( DLabelName ), which made it finally add a scrollbar, but it doesn’t help much… the text is labeled to like 2 paragraphs. If there is a character limit…I’m gonna be pissed, cause I’m trying to put up the changelog, and its 18,910 characters long. Is it possible to open an html page with the changelog in that? Is there a limit on the size of the html file?