How to use draw.DrawText??

I want print draw.DrawText

after 5 seconds

draw.DrawText remove

function DrawBox(player, command, arguments)
draw.DrawText( "Hello there!", "TargetID", ScrW() * 0.5, ScrH() * 0.25, Color( 255, 255, 255, 255 ), TEXT_ALIGN_CENTER )
concommand.Add( "zcore_tes1t", DrawBox )

not work

I don’t know why

please help me

I can barely understand your post.
This is all I can tell you:
Use print to print

timer.Simple for the timer

if your intent is to draw some text on the screen then stop drawing after five seconds,
local DrawTime
hook.Add( “HUDPaint”, “DrawMyText”, function()
if DrawTime and RealTime() - DrawTime <= 5 then
draw.DrawText( “Hello there!”, “TargetID”, ScrW() * 0.5, ScrH() * 0.25, Color( 255, 255, 255 ), TEXT_ALIGN_CENTER )
end )
concommand.Add( “zcore_tes1t”, function()
DrawTime = RealTime()
end )

an explanation for why yours doesn’t work:
drawing things onto the screen needs to be called in a 2D context. HUDPaint provides this context. there are other hooks too. pick one you’d like, i’d recommend HUDPaint for this.
even if your calling draw.DrawText was in a 2D rendering context, it would only be visible for a single frame, which is why you need to hook it.
you can switch from 3D contexts to 2D contexts using

cam.Start3D2D and vice versa with