How to use Dynamic IP with Experimental Rust Server?

Hi all,

I really tried to find something about the matter, but I couldn’t find any topic about DYNAMIC IP.

The point is that a live in a portion of the World where fixed IP are pricey, really expensive.

That’s why I use, with success solutions of dynamic IP to host game servers in my computer.

The question is that I didn’t find a way to implement such possibility at Rust Experimental Server.

I tried the following line in my ‘.bat’ :

Start /high RustDedicated.exe -batchmode +server.hostname “MyserverGoeshere” +server.port 26200 +server.identity “hereistheid” +server.seed 183123 +server.maxplayers 500 “true” +server.saveinterval 60 +server.ip “” +rcon.port 26201 +rcon.password “lalala”

The problem is that the command (+server.ip “”) is causing an error at the command prompt that states:

“FormatException: An invalid IP address was specified”

I guess the command does not accept domains, only the IP itself.

So, my questions are:

a) Is there a way to use domains instead the IP?
b) Is there another way I could use a dynamic IP?
c) The programmers have in their list such possibility in the future?

Thanks for the help.

This is what I have noticed for my ISP is the IP address I get is pretty constant at least for a few weeks. So you should be able to use your own IP address and update the IP when it changes. My guess is it has to be an IP address, because the game currently doesn’t resolve names to IPS.

Also is there a reason you don’t pay for a dedicated server? offers Rust 50 person servers for 12.50. I know a few others are closer to 20 dollars with teamspeak for free. Also reduces the risk of someone deciding to DDOS your home connection as well.