How to use GoogleCode as a FastDL?

Hey guys, I’d like to use GoogleCode just to download a map upon joining my server. I was just curious how I could use GoogleCode (gmod-dl) to download just a map.

Thank You!

Don’t. Use DropBox instead.

I’ve tried using DropBox before but it is very slow and didn’t download all the files.

Oh? It worked fine for me
You have to get a specific link though, and it should look something like this:

"sv_downloadurl" ""

Yeah, that is what I did and it didn’t work at all for me unfortunately.

no I mean look at the link, did you make sure it was exactly in that format? If you give the link that is associated with you being logged in it won’t work.

What do you mean associated with me being logged in? The public link looks exactly like yours above

Oh, because sometimes you’ll copy a public link to a folder but it won’t actually be the “actual” link
not sure how to describe it

You don’t use GoogleCode for FastDL. It’s for open source project hosting, not file storage.

A friend of mine uses GoogleCode and it is very fast. You aren’t supposed to use FileZilla for a FastDL but people do it anyway.

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Uhm, okay. That’d be great if you found out a way how to describe it because getting a free FastDL would be great.

Excuse me?

Google**Code **is for code, don’t abuse it & use it as your free file host. Invest $2/mo in a web host or try to use DropBox (which I’m pretty sure prohibits this too anyway)

Excuse me?

FileZilla still prohibits it too. So don’t act like that calling me dumb.