How to use M9K Weapon Pack on TTT

I recently found this amazing addon for Gmod called the M9k Assault Rifle Weapon Pack. It includes all kinds of custom made assault rifle. I really want to be able to add some of them to my TTT server, however, the weapons are coded using a different base than the other TTT weapon. I was wondering what would be the best way to convert these weapons to work with TTT. Is it possible that I could have TTT include another weapon base along with the TTT weapon base? Or would I have to do something else? Here is a link to the addon:

It recquires alot of re-coding

You would need to have the GmadExtractor to extract the addon. Then you would need to generate a fast-dl script to make clients download the necessary models and materials to see the weapons. Then you would need to edit the gun spawn on each map. Thats basically what you need to do in a nutshell :smiley:

Just take a look at the weapons guide: and change the relative things (the weapon’s base, make it autospawn/traitor only, the swep.kind, etc)

It would require SO much work and debugging man it would not be an easy task my any means. But if you only wanted the models/sounds it would be fairly painless.