How to use maps for posing

How can I use a HL map without spawning all the events (triggers, npc’s, whatnot) of the respective level in the game? Makes posing hard you see, and I’m not supposed to use construct maps for posing right?

What? You can pose just fine on it, delete anything thats bothering you. It shouldn’t be THAT hard.

meh, it can be a bit hard work I quess, just thought there’d be a simpler way, since the idea of Gmod is being able to basically control everything.

Anyways, sorry to bother.

Just run through almost all of the map, triggering all the triggers. Make sure Godmode is on. Go kill all the NPCs, remove their corpses and you’re good to go.

or, be like me.

trigger the events, and then just nuke the map so everything is gone. (Dakara Super Weapon is also good for this, as you don’t have to worry if the nuke you select forces suicide, or actually damages you)

Doesn’t work very well on a HL2 map. They tend to not be very open, and nukes don’t deal damage around corners (Unless you’re very close).

Well dakara super weapon might.

Dakara sends a wave that ignores the world and disintegrates NPC’s, props, and players (or any combination of the 3).

It is very good for map cleaning

Thanks everyone! Now once I actually learn to pose I’ll know how to get a setting… meh, harder than it looks (posing that is)

Just make sure you nuke/Dakara/whatever before you start posing. Otherwise, you might disintegrate whatever it is you were working on.