How to use MySql with lua?

How can I connect to a mysql server? I’ve seen some people do it but I don’t understand how.

Do you own a MySQL Server?

yeah, I just don’t know how to use it with lua

copy gm_tmysql.dll to garrysmod/garrysmod/lua/includes/modules
copy libmysql.dll to garrysmod/

libmysql is provided for your convenience, you can get it from the mysql website


tmysql.initialize(host, user, pass, database, [port], [number of connections], [number of threads])
	Starts the library, number of connections is how many connections to make to the server, the number of threads is how many worker threads

tmysql.query(sqlquery, [callback], [flags], [callbackarg])
	Sends a query to the server, callback is a function, flags are
		1	Assoc results	Your callback will be sent a table with field names for keys
		2	Last ID		Your callback will be sent the last id as the third parameter
	Callbacks are func([callbackarg], resulttable, querystatus, error or lastid)

	Returns an escaped string

	Returns an escaped string with the real char set, requires numthreads+1 connections

	Sets the character set



tmysql.initialize(host, user, pass, db, port, numConns, numThreads) // call this once, you're connected.

function callbackfunc(result, status, error)


tmysql.query(strquery, callbackfunc)

x = tmysql.escape(z)

Also see the two test files included