How to use New Network Vars?

Just need a little help understanding the new network vars, I was using the old ones for a while and now have to change all mine and I’m not having much luck. In the old version of the mod there were two network vars for you “On hand money” and your “money in the bank” and they worked fine, but the new Network vars I’m having trouble simulating that. Any help is wanted :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

What I “think” I under stand is the first value is the type of var( in my case a int ) and the second value is the unique identifier 0 to 32( I set “money on hand” to 0 and “bank money” to 1 ) then the names of the var which I set them to AmountMoney and AmountBank. After that what I read said you use Set<var name>(), in my case SetAmountMoney(), to set the vars value and you get it with Get<var name>().

You’ll have to tell us what the actual problem is if you want help. And your code also helps most of the time.

What you call “the new network vars” are called DataTable Vars. ( DTVars )

If you want to use the NWVars ( SetNWInt, etc ), you can still do it, they are not going anywhere.

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So you don’t have to use DTVars.

but on the garrys mod website in the updates the said they were obsolete.

anyway if they still work I feel dumb