How to use OGLE?

It’s OpenGL ripper.
It’s old.
The tutorials for it are dead.

On what game do you want to use it?

Also I think there might be an alternative by now as OGLE is pretty damn outdated. Haven’t seen an alternative though.

I want to use it on…
Prepare your anus.
Soldier of Fortune. ( The 1st one. )

post up the model files from the game… if there arent individual files then they would likely be in a large archive of some sort

um, maybe zip a couple files together? lol
you need to be able to compare files in order to have any chance of identifying binary structures

This is a model file, nothing else. - From SoF SDK.

If the wiki entry is to be believed this is the format soldier of fortune uses.

Wow wow wow, what if I rename ghb to md2?

That wouldn’t work, unfortunately.