How to use PrecacheSentenceFile()?


I’m trying to use PrecacheSentenceFile() but it’s not working. Can someone help me? Here’s a quick test:

-- Requirement: HL1 Source content enabled
-- File: lua/autoload/server/mysentences.lua

local mySentencesTest = [[
test dadeda (e95) agent(t0) coomer(t0), c report on(e70) center d operations tactical at topside(e100)

file.Write("mysentences.txt", mySentencesTest)

-- Test commands:

-- lua_run EmitSentence("test", Entity( 1 ):GetPos(), 1, CHAN_AUTO, 1, 75, 0, 100 )
-- Expected to play the sentence
-- I got nothing

-- lua_run print(SentenceDuration("test"))
-- Expected to print a float number
-- I got a line jump

Ok, It’s a game bug