How to use prop_vehicle_driveable?

I want to make a driveable car in a game where normal vehicles don’t exist (so sadly, no HL2 jeeps will save me :I). When I search the FGD for vehicles, however, I find 3 seemingly useful point entities: prop_vehicle, prop_vehicle_choreo_generic, and prop_vehicle_driveable. The wiki says that prop_vehicle is only controllable via I/O, and prop_vehicle_choreo_generic is obviously for cutscenes, but the last one seems like it could be exactly what I want (the wiki even shows a generic vehicle supposedly using this entity). However, I can’t seem to find any info on this entity or how to use it. What kinds of models should I try to implement for it? What vehicle script should I use (as all the ones I’ve seen are specific to other entities)?

My searches have brought me a lot of stuff about other trying to implement driveable vehicles in CS:GO, but the only functional example I found used a brush entity called func_vehicle, which doesn’t exist in my game, and which apparently was broken by an update, anyways. Despite mentions that prop_vehicle_driveable does work in maps and can make perfectly functional cars, I’ve never been able to find an example or tutorial leading me in the right direction. I’m open to other alternatives to making custom vehicles, (perhaps using a point_viewcontrol and some complex logic entities), but this seems like the simplest way to pull it off.

EDIT: Just tried placing one in a map with default settings and a random physmodel. This caused the game to crash while loading the map, so clearly I need to setup important stuff first :I