How to use resource.addfile

So I have been googling how to do this and all but I can only figure out what I need to make it so it works, not how to do it itself. I have everything setup I just need to know this: 1. Where do I put the command resouce.addfile. 2. Could someone give me a short format of how it should look.

In lua/autorun/server/
resource.AddFile( “materials/shit/fuck.vmt” )
resource.AddFile( “materials/shit/shit.vmt” )
resource.AddFile( “materials/shit/You only need to add VMT files and MDL files. It automatically includes similar file names this way.vmt” )

This will save you so much time.

did you just make five separate threads

  1. learn lua and
  2. keep it all in one thread because
  3. we’re not your personal help section

In the server folder, what is the file called?

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Already know lua, I don’t know where the file is kept…

That would be a pretty crucial part of learning gmod lua

Make a new file called resource.lua, put your code in there, Save the file.

Exactly but I just need question answer which file in lua/autorun/server is it? And would I need to create the file or what?

Create a file called resources.lua

Resources PLURAL or Resource

The name of the file doesn’t matter. Mine is called resources.lua

This issue with resource.addfile has gone on way too long…