How to use Tf2 textures and models in L4D & L4D Hammer?

Im Currently, trying to convert 2fort into a L4D Survival map. Now Everything is working except the Textures. Some of the textures appear, but most don’t. I just get the Black and Purple/Red Error Material. Same with the models. Some of them appear, but most do not. Is there any way to make L4D Use these Materials in the map? I have made a addon folder for it, With the textures and Materials folders, with the Files inside them.

So, Any Help?

Extract the materials with GCFScape, then place them in your L4D folder.

I wanted them to be in the addon Materials folder. not My Left4dead Materials folder

I see. So you mean you can texture brushes and stuff with the materials properly in Hammer?

Well, Kinda Yes. But also, for them to appear in-game.

In that case, you probably are just having issues when packing all the materials/models into the .VPK; it isn’t the TF2 stuff that’s causing the problem.

Make sure you’ve properly followed all the steps in this tutorial.

I have done that. But, They still will not show.

Like i said, some will show like the respawn room floor. and the Respawn Cabinets. but nothing else.

In the Materials folder I had just copied the folder, and the needed textures.
Same with the Models folder.


Any Help?



Well, I checked over the files. still cant get it to work. Any Suggestions?


Export and upload the vpk. I’ll see if it works for me.

Right, its uploading.

will post link after it has done.


When you go into addons, it will say Dead Air. Thats just a place holder for it. that. but make sure to use the bsp in this link. The one in that dont work. I have another version of the same bsp, But working. Here:

So, Corky, any luck?