How to use the http library or get data from a webpage

Hi i would like to know how I can access my a webpage via. a script eg.

I have this site setup and i would like to get its data
All it is is this atm but I will make more use of it once i figure things out

echo "Return data here"

So what I want to know is there a function that I can call and have it return the data

MyData = AccessWeb(SiteURL)

Sort of like that

http.Fetch would be what you’re looking for. Note that all functions that require a response such as database, http, etc, you need a call-back, which is what these nested functions are. You can use your own; but it won’t be processed instantly, and the rest of your game-mode/script will continue running while it’s fetching.

[lua]http.Fetch( “website URL”,
function( contents )
// On success
function( )
// On Error