How to use the nature/mountainrage textures?

I know they’re used for the skybox, but what would be an easy way to seamlessly make them seem to “surround” the landscape? They’re not skybox textures, they’re just meant to go inside the 3d skybox.

Make the displacements for the map, copy+paste into the 3D skybox, then scale it down by 1/16 and then play around with displacements so they look like a mountain in the 3D skybox, then delete the copied displacements.

No. I’m talking about the actual textures named nature/mountainrange. They’re for EP2. I’m asking how they would be used. I don’t know, I’m absolutely terrible at describing things. Go into the SDK and look up the textures named “nature/mountainrange”

Oh. Use cliffs and lots of trees, then make the textures in the 3D skybox so that it seems like it is really far away.

…Go look at them. There’s four of them. You’d figure they’d go in a square, right? Wrong. They all fit together seamlessly, except the last one and the first one. There’s also another different texture that’s a pair of 6.


You don’t explain things very well. Its all a matter of blocking off some parts of the 3D skybox with the normal level so it looks seamless.

I don’t know how else to explain it, my linguistic ability sucks ass, :v:
Thanks, anyway