How to use the prop moniter screen?

I came across "/tv_monitor01_screen.mdl’ and I’m wondering how to display an image on it.

Make a func_monitor 1 unit thick and the other dimensions to fit the screen, place it slightly in front of or maybe in/slightly behind the screen and hook it up to a camera. I’m assuming you know how to do this. And if you don’t, please don’t ask, it’s very easy to figure out by yourself (I did) and there’s tutorials on it anyway.

Thats not what I’m asking, Theres a transparent model of a outline of a screen Look at the model yourself, I’m wondering how I’d make it look as a func_monitor as the prop is there for a reason.

You can’t make a prop act as a monitor. It CAN NOT be done (Unless you’re really good at lua). I understood what you were asking and the way I stated is the best way to make it appear as if the model is the monitor.

Do you just want it to show an RT texture or something?

You can make a brush with the proper entities, though fit it in the prop.