How to use the weapon placer mod with M9K weapons for TTT?

Hello everyone, i’m looking for a way that i can incorporate the m9k weapons that are compatible with TTT into the weapons placer mod within the workshop. I have a lot of maps and editing it manually would be really difficult. I found this thread. I’m having a bit of trouble understanding what exactly i need to do. I assume i have to edit the lua files of the weapon placer tool, but i’m not sure where to find that considering the workshop only gives me a .gma file. If anyone could help me figure out how to incorperate the m9k weapons into the TTT Weapon Placer i would greatly appreciate it. Thanks,


-snip didn’t read :confused:

Look for a program called Gmad convertor to open up .gma files

Alright i tried editing it like the post said, and when i tried placing the AUG, the model is the AUG with someone holding it.

Use the worldmodel, not the viewmodel.