How to use Vis Groups

Hi i made a new Vis Group and i was wondering if i could make it so that for now on all brushes that are made are put in that specific vis group so i dont need to have to select each one and put it in that new vis group manually.

I don’t think you can?

Correct me if I am wrong…

So i have to select each one after and put them in? Damn D:

Unless you make some kind of script that runs in the background of hammer that like detects the brush some how and can figure out which group to add it to with out screwing up.

That would be cool but nope D: Thanks anyway.

one thing i do for example when making rails, i just copy the ones i already have, modify them etc. that way they keep their visgroup
other then that, you could make an autoitscript, so you can just press a hotkey and the selected brush would be added to a visgroup