How to use workshop maps on a dedicated server?


I am trying to figure out how to use workshop maps on a dedicated server.
I found both wiki articles:

The first explains how to install the addon and the second how to tell the client where to find the map.

But how can I tell the server to download the map from workshop x?
In general I don’t want to add the maps via manual uploading and don’t really create an own collection just to organize some maps. :confused:

I think there is no support similar to isn’t it?

This tells clients to download the addon from workshop. So, when the server starts, you want to compare the map to a map in a table, and if there is workshop addon for that map, you do resource.AddWorkshop for that addon. There were some examples posted already, I am pretty sure you can find them if you try to google it.

Hello Robotboy,

thanks for your reply. I understand the configuration for the client side, but how can I tell the server to download the workshop maps automatically?

The only way I could find is to create a collection and start the server with host_workshop_collection and the collection id of my created collection.
But this way is “spamming” the workshop with map packs from each server administrator.

If you need maps from workshop you use a collection, if the map isn’t on workshop, you drop it into your server or upload it to workshop.

So every server administrator create an own public collection with different maps for its server and we have a lot of “map pack” collections, right? :slight_smile:


Alright thanks. :slight_smile:

Perhaps this behavior could be changed in the feature. :slight_smile: