How to view a compiled model?

I have compiled my model, and it’s in hl2/hl2/models/mymodels. The .mdl file is in there along with the smds. The model viewer won’t view any models. At all. Help?

Another question: In the qc file, the “cdmaterials” line tells what directory the materials are in. How does it know which material to put on it?

It puts on the material by VMT name according to the name of the bitmap you assigned to the various SMD meshes in your modelling tool of choice.
If you are unsure what, just open the SMD in notepad nad look for the material names.

As the model viewer - it ought to work to be honest. Are you using the 2009 one?

Yes. Set for Source 2009

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How do I assign a bitmap? So you’re saying just assign the bitmap, then save that smd over the old ones?

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For some reason it doesn’t display models, but jpgs that you can look around.

Can someone help me?