How to view .mdl files?

How can I use model viewer to open my .mdl files? I have some rips,ports,and skins I want to view.

Double-click on the .MDL things to preview them, or just click once and then click on the “Open” button

Could you be more clear?

If it was that easy, trust me I would have done it.

OK Joe, to make it simple follow these steps:

  1. Open the Half-Life Model Viewer by starting up the Source SDK and double-clicking on Model Viewer
  2. Click on File and on Load Model…
  3. Look for the model you want to view
  4. Once you’ve found the model of your choice, either double-click on that model’s MDL box or just click on it once and then on Open

I know how to do that. What I really need to know is how I can open up files that aren’t in the [ROOT] area. Because when I open Source SDK I can only load everything in the [ROOT] folder.

I don’t think you can, just move your .mdls to the [ROOT] and view them.

That wouldn’t work, you can only view models that are in the correct folder inside the “models” folder. You just need to go into the “models” folder while in the [ROOT]

You may have to decompile them and open them inside of a program with .Smd capabilities, I recommend kHED because it’s free and easy to use.

[root] is root directory of the game you currently have loaded. You can just put the mdl files in the correct folder structure into the game and then load them in HLMV.
Alternatively you can use the alien swarm HLMV which can load MDL files from anywhere I think.

You can use Nem’s Crafty to view them.