How to wipe a Server

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i already searched the forum but i couldnt find a good/correct Thread.

How do i wipe a Server?

a) 50% - Everything except Blueprints
b) 100% - Everything. Making a fresh server for my player

Playing Rust Experimental. Full RCON and FTP Controll.
Here’s a picture of my FTP DIR.


so the Blueprints are in the Persistence Directory. del all Player and they spawn fresh with no blueprints.

The Housings in the Save Directory. Del the Procedural map_4000… Directory.

Full wipe del the Players and the map…

I was hoping not to have to bump an older thread but this is the closest I’ve found to something that addresses my questions:

  1. I am currently experiencing a problem where my miners and candle hats have no On button, I do not receive shocks when entering wrong code in codelocks, and do not get the Demoltion option on newly built structural items. There was a Reddit reference that suggested deleting the player file/folder from the persistince directory may solve the proble. The admin of my regular server deleted my player file, yet I did not spawn naked, nor did I lose any BPs, and yet there is no sign of my player folder having been backed up/regenerated. Quoting from the changelog in Devblog 66 : “Moved player persistence folder to UserPersistance.db” I am wondering if this is related? Are players’ persistence files/folder now stored in a database and no longer individually accessible?

  2. The admin of my regular server wishes to wipe BPs and map next mandatory wipe. Another friend who runs his own server relayed info on what files & folders to delete, but todays attempt to delete mine seems to have failed - is there now a new method for performing wipes of BPs?

3)Can anyone point me to a better place to ask server related questions?

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can’t help with 1 or 2, but tends to be the best option for server host related issues.