How to word wrap.

Can someone just give me a brief summary of how to achieve auto word wrapping?

Thank you.

You could use a rich text with selection disabled(if u can do that) and override the paint function to hide all the extra stuff

or just… you know…


snip, misread

Or im not using it with a panel?

Do you mean you’re drawing the text manually?

Yes, im using draw.SimpleText within a box, and i want it so if it is outside the box to wrap to a new line.

Well, since you’re doing things the hard way, you’re gonna have to manually implement wrapping. That means making code that figures out where to put linebreaks in order to keep inside the confines of the box. It sounds like a headache to me so unless you want to go through all that trouble, I suggest you try to figure out how to use a panel instead of what you’re doing right now.