How to Yellow Zone RP: Command And Conquer RP Revival (Again)

Really, the rules are more like guidelines. Ultimately, it is up to the head of the server.
Current Server Rules:
Any person(s) not following server storyline will be banned for an ammount of time fitting the scale of the attmepted Cannon Hijack.
If you do not care about the story line and have no interrest for it, don’t bother showing up.

Join the group, new members always welcome!


Server IP:
Story time frame: During the end of the Firestorm Crisis.
(Not the best, yet, but it serves us well now.)
Server is a little slow at the moment due to users not being aware of it being back up.

** As a precaution:**
You must join the group before declaring alleigance to a faction.

I like it, is seems really useful


Add where to get lua scripts and etc?

Okay, thanks. And all you others out there, constructive criticism is much appreciated.

I like the idea,rules and such alot, i would go for a GDI if i “join”. You get a goldstar from me.

Passworded server and such please.

I have a friend who plans on setting up a dedicated RP at least some time in the future. Last time he ran it he put me in charge for a bit and I ran this, seemed like people liked it. Even those who did not have prior knowledge of C&C had fun. My friend and I go back a long ways, to the days of my small Gmod 9 RP server running rp_cityx007. Daxter Fellowes is the only person I would ever trust to run a gun shop. But that’s aside the point.

I think some lenience could be made with the stringent gun policy. Citizens should be allowed small sidearms at most. GDI standard issue pistols are usually something of a high caliber like magnums or Night Hawks. In fact, that is the standard issue pistol, a Night Hawk.
NOD is more discreet about firearms. usually keeping something inconspicuous and having a silencer handy. Upper ranking officers get lasers(red). That’s all I can say about that. Anyone below that rank get whatever they can get their hands on.

In fact, I think the test to allow someone into the upper echelons of the Brotherhood should be to steal a weapon of any type.

Daxter will be sometimes hosting yellow zone, so if you want to come, ask jeffman for more details.

Get me details, maps, scripts, and whatever else and I’ll set it up.

Actually, we’ve had more demand for the rp rather than spacebuild, and the spacebuild server has rp loaded onto it. give me the details, and I’ll set it up. there’s no need to make an entirely new server.

We’re converting SpaceBuild I take it?


Okay, well, map suggestions are welcome. I can no longer run cscdesert. We need a map that can accomidate Tiberium growth in some way. RP_forresttown would be wonderfull were it finished or even making progress. What maps would you like to see in use?

I’m In!


Can i drive a Harvester and like, start the Cleanup of the Tiberium? I’ll use my Modified Whale Version 5 Heavy Duty Carryall, known for launching nukes out of its CargoBay;

it has plenty of room on the Roof for Lifesupport and inside it can grab a Tiberium Siphon or 3.

Freespace is a maybe, like outside the city there is loads of tiberium, and the city is controlled by GDI, the airbase is controlled by NOD.

Just an idea, but this RP seems great, thumbs up.

Actually, the problem’s worse. I can’t run Gmod without it crashing.


Nevermind! It works now.

Now the only problem is Prop protect needs removed…Rsugar.

We will be using a modified Dark RP script that will have a couple new classes added, hopefully Mutants will be immune/benefit from Tiberium, and It’s rediculously hard to obtain anything other than a sidearm if you’re civilian.

Don’t use DarkRP! Your server will be overrun with Mingebags before you even know whats happening!

He’s right. DarkRP in MingeBag language is something along the lines of ‘Free guns, come play CS:S here!’.

It’s under a different name. And the guns are far from free.

“don’t use darkrp!” “It’s true it’s says…play cs:s here!”

“It’s under a different name…guns are far from free”

Darkrp is a great script to mod out, just be sure to mod it well and make it so people can’t just buy guns and stuff while they are a civi etc.

I love C&C ! The original one for win 95 is the best.

This could prove to be an interesting roleplay.