how to zoom in with a cameral? (not the camera on key 6)

hi, i was wondering how to zoom in with a camera on garry’s mod, and i am not talking about the camera that you take screenshots with on key 6, i am talking about the camera that you use to record videos with on fraps, i need to know how to do this because i am working on a fad response to rubberfruit’s video called “louis beats up rochelle for no reason”, does anyone know what rubberfruit did to make the camera zoom in on rochelle in his video? thanks

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sorry for the title typo, i meant “camera” instead of “cameral”

Place a camera, toggle to it, take out your cell phone camera, and hold right click to zoom in (while still toggled to the camera).

thanks bud, i did not know how to do this, but now i have figured it out, and thanks for your help again