How to

How do i get rust if anyone knows please tell me i would really like to know

Try jumping in front of a truck, that should do the trick.

you must wait to betakey give, and read forum, use search no hurts…

Post this image:

In this thread:

And then Garry will give you a link to the download.

I’ve tested this already, it worked for my friend and myself.

Dude that is supposed to be a secret! Don’t tell newcomers about that trick!

Looks like someone is getting their key soon for posting it!

are you guys just messing with me ??

How to get rust?
If you know plese tell me.

There’s one thing you can do… Search before you post.

Search what there`s nothing!

I hate to quote myself but…

Are you by chance blind?

Here you go, that’s where search is.

I aleready serched that an didnt fucking find a fucking key

If you clicked the link to the thread he gave you, and then read that OP, you would know there are none.

I don’t know why you’re flipping out about something simple. There are no more keys.

Seriously everyone who begs for a key should never get one.