How vortigaunts get to work (funny)

I bet you didn’t know that Vorts rode Harleys did ya?

As always suggestion, comments, and criticisms are encouraged.

I know the posing isn’t that great. Also, the vort model wasn’t finger poseable.

EDIT: and I just noticed the editing on the front wheel …DOH!

i like it :slight_smile:

Yes… just yes. The only bad part is the unavoidable lack of fingerposing on the vorts. Great lighting to.

His mouth looks like hes sad/in pain while riding that bike there.

Remove the motorcycle and you’ve pretty much got a Vort imitating a Dolphin’s movement in mid air.

The lens flare is stupid.

he looks like he really needs to shit.

lens flare ruins the crap out of it



Ouch! Man, you guys are tough critics… LOL I guess it serves me right. My past two threads have been terrible.
I would really appreciate some pointers on how to make it better. Anyone?

Editing tips or posing?:confused:

Both would be good actually

Why does the title say ‘‘funny’’ when it’s not?

I just thought that the image of a Vortigaunt riding a motorcycle might be amusing to some people. How’s that for an explanation you little troll? :slight_smile:

You think I’m trolling? Good luck in facepunch.

Not cool.
He is bad sitting and ,where are his hands?

I hate people with comments like that.

Meant to seem like there trying to make you seem small when infact im pretty sure it’s just some little kid

True, and I should apologize for being a jerk. The screen shot isn’t very good, or funny. However, I would appreciate slightly more constructive criticisms/ actual suggestions than simple jabs at my thread.


Again, sorry for the mean comeback to your criticism, I had no right to accuse you of trolling.

EDIT: and no I’m not a little kid,…

There is a finger-posable Vort I just cant find it :eng101:

3 years…, did you just search for this?

The wheel doesn’t looks like it’s spinning…