How was lua implemented?

How did Garry implement lua coding into the hl2 engine to get garry’s mod?
Did he add just a few lines of code or was it more than that?
I’d like to know exactly what was changed because I want to implement custom vehicles and weapons into the retail half life 2.

I’m pretty sure it was more than a “few lines” of code. Most of Gmod itself is lua now.

You don’t need Lua to add custom content, but you will need to make a source mod if you want to do anything major.

I can’t code worth sh*t.
I want the custom weapons and vehicles, but I want first person views on the vehicles to be fixed and be able to grab stuff. I know I can “drag” stuff with an addon, but what about fixing the vehicle views?

Well you’re just going to have to learn. :colbert:

Even if you implement Lua in a sourcemod, gLua addons won’t work without an awful lot of effort.

theoretically, could I just use the Garry’s Mod engine with lua edits such as fall fix?

No, there’s a lot more to adding lua than that. You understand that what your asking for took Garry months to get to a usable level? He’s still adding stuff, and if you wanted tons of addons/custom content, you’d need to recode support exactly as it exists here.

If Garry’s Mod were open source, many problems would be solved. But it isn’t.

That’s the essential LUA engine used by GMOD

You mean the source engine. There isn’t really that much to GMod itself. It’s really just a ludicrously complicated lua interface. You have to give Garry credit for that.

It’s loads more than that, to be honest. Though, the majority is.