How was the gmod wiki made?

I Dont know if this is the place to ask this, But was the Gmod Wiki made from scratch or was it done using some kind of framework / template?

Nobody makes such things from scratch usually unless they have very specific needs or are just crazy.
And as expected:

Yes, the Wiki, as the name suggests, uses the MediaWiki software.

I disagree with you there, I’d rather make such a thing from scratch and code all the features I need rather than having to workaround MediaWiki limitations and problems.

Ok, Thanks guys. I’m working on a game mode and I was some place to document for my self, As well as other user. Do you recommend this wiki?

In this particular case it may be this “very specific needs” case where it makes sense to make it from scratch.

That depends. If you’re satisfied with default functionality of MediaWiki then you can use it. If you need to add some specific stuff it will not work so good as RobotBoy said.

For gamemodes you should host any documentation where you host the gamemode itself. ( Good example is GitHub )

Does GitHub have a wiki (Im new to web stuff, I suck at it for a reason)

Yes github got a wiki, make a test repo and play around with it.

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