How was this accomplished?

Hey guys,

Anyone know how this lighting effect was made? (The blue lighting) Im trying to do something similar with Lights.rad but it always creates a shiny white spot in the middle as if there is an actual light entity there

It’s probably a self-illuminating texture.$selfillum

I will give that a try, thanks

EDIT: The texture is already set to that, although its not as bright as that image

This is how it comes out with Lights.rad

Not sure how to help you there, sorry. I’ve never used self-illuminating textures.
Next time, I would suggest posting your question in the question thread. You’ll get faster replies and keep the forum cleaner.

Use Selfillum and lights.rad such as

lights/texlight_blue 84 147 224 200

just make sure the lights.rad is getting loaded into your map. Works for me!

I do but it comes out like this

Hmm odd i have no clue. I haven’t actually used lights.rad all too much maybe someone else knows what is happening.