How was your first day in rust? :)

Lets hear everyones first experience in rust :smiley:

Mine started off with me spawning near a bunch of people and getting killed a lot. I eventually found some supplies and started to build only to be gunned down by a crazed guy with a pistol :wink: Of course I couldn’t find that place again so I started again. This happened twice more before I managed to build a house with 4 walls and a door :slight_smile: My only problem was I didn’t have a bed and while searching for animals I managed to get killed by a guy with a hatchet on a rampage. So of course once again I couldn’t find my home but I was determined to find it again after about 2 hours of running around searching I finally recognised the area and made it back home. Though I did die many more times and had to try find my house again. For some reason there are no animals that spawn anywhere near that location. I managed to finally make a bed and get set up after 4 hours.

I have also got a copy of the map from the wiki and have marked out where my home is (or what area) and key points of interest to make sure I don’t get lost again. I also marked key landmarks like the hills and what direction the sun rises from. I now have a fairly good idea of where my base is and how to get to it.

To sum it up, basically after 4-5 hours of gameplay I have finally managed to get a complete house (with bed, storage, fire and a workbench so far) It does start off kind of frustrating but after you manage to get a decent set up everything starts becoming a lot easier and it is much easier to enjoy the game.

I’m glad your not one of the very many people who get discourage i respect you sir and welcome to rust.

When I got rust back in early alpha, when it was still in a web browser, I had a similar experience. I made the mistake of lighting camp fires in the middle of the night, and before that, I couldn’t even open it! I eventually gave up, the game had very low performance back then, and it was painful.
But after that, I’ve played nearly 40 hours when the steam version was released, and I can actually cook meat, with out 6 full kevlar bandits killing me.

The moral of the tale is to cook you’re meet at day, and learn to hold onto E to open things.

Mine was awesome. Hence why I still play daily.

Well, i’ve been playing for months but. i had fun helping other people not die on their first day! i had to kill alot of them, but for the most part i had alot of fun today because it was a TDM constantly

On my first day I played in september, and I got myself an m4 and killed esco and became a boss. The End

I’ve had quite a few deaths, but I have with help of a friend setup a home.

Problems currently, when I was out scavenging, got lost, cant find way back.
When hit, my screen turned completely black, died near my home by being hit ONCE, couldnt find my own body and lost my gun and bow.
Had tons of supplies, get hit once by a zombie and can no longer fight, said I was bleeding and cured, but screen goes black.

My first experience with Rust had a lot of strategy guide reading and asking fellow players questions. Most of the players I communicated with were helpful, but the players I met roaming around wanted nothing more to bash my face in with a rock with no remorse. I got frustrated after about the fourth or fifth death, but then I met a group of players making a town. They were very friendly and team-oriented and I started getting some serious progress… then, it happened. An airdrop came very close to our town so we set out to get some loot. On our way back, I got blasted in the back by bandits. Upon respawn, I was completely lost and I have yet to find our town, let alone the players.

While I played it back in the browser days I haven’t played in probably two months. I can say the game is currently a huge improvement. There are low-tech weapons like the handcannon and the bow. All the private servers are a huge plus too. It means there are fewer people per server so a lot of the incredible spawn killing has vanished(for the most part).

welcome to rust

if u can handle those crazy guys, who basicly kills everyone, u’ll have lots of fun in this game :slight_smile:

It was O.K… There wasn’t really anything that attached me to the game. Like in Minecraft, there’s just so fucking much to do, and in Rust there’s… Well not much, besides collecting basic resources and using those resources for their minuscule crafting system. I know, I know, it’s just in Alpha.

But if you wanna talk about comparing alpha’s, let’s talk about 7 Days to Die then- much more constructive, optimistic outlook. They talk about including a talent tree, stealth-distraction system, and many more ambitious features. They also are CONSTANTLY making big patch updates, with an improving online community.

And I remember sweating my balls off to get this game in June, when it was first accidentally exposed to the public… Boy, I ain’t sweating anything now.

I saw my first penis.

built a 2 story house. filled it up with stuff. made a sniper floor, killed 4 guys with a modded m4 at night trying to raid my house. it was a good day

Killing a dude who ran at me with a hatchet with my bow was satisfying :wink:


Ive had alot of fun (sarcasm) dieing to fuckheads that love to kill naked people with rocks doing nothing to them. 15 Times in a row i have been killed mining ore, wood or just walking around. It’s making the time im trying to have very displeasing.

This was back when there was a good community. As my friend and I joined the us server for the first time, we were entertained only by the slightest of seeing our in game small stiff penises. Then we got killed.

thing is, they want your resources…personally i dont kill anyone whos naked with a rock but i dont have anything against other people doing it. just respawn or move to a different area, or set yourself up out of peak hours.

My first Day, only Friendly guys, i didnt got killed 1 time :smiley: at the End of the Day i had an M4 and a nice Shack with a Metal Door^^

My first day, played in a BR/US server. 5 lives.

Life N.1: Spawn near 2 rad towns and a player village, decided to experience the game on my own.
Gathered resources and eventually made a bow.I spotted a valley with alot of metal deposits to mine.
Went near one just to be blasted in the face by a naked guy with a hand cannon. Did a backflip! :v:

Life N.2: Spawned in a valley, possibly near where I first died. Started gathering and building things faster.
Met another BR calling “friendly”. Bastard struck a hatchet in the back of my head when I tried to offer him food.

Life N.3: Spawned on the road. Couldn’t find anything, was near death due to hunger so I assaulted a wolf
with my rock. Died in an instant. :suicide:

Life N.4: Full kevlar bandit. 'Nough said.

Life N.5: Still active and kicking! Found the perfect spot to put my house. In a canyon right beside a resourceful valley.
Airdrops are also frequent in the area. Although that means danger it also means potential extended survival.
Full of resources, I killed alot of zombies in the area. Found F1 Grenade BluePrint and Mp5 along with laser sight!
Also found 4 leather pants in a row. :v: