how was your mapping developed?

day 1: a block with grass texture
week 1:a room with a few boxes and mediocre textures.
week 2: a warehouse
month 1: a building with an inside.
month 2: N/a
year 1: N/a
year 2: N/a


What is the point of this?

I guess he wanna hear the first days/weeks/months/years of your mapping projects, aint sure.

Or maybe how you progress from Start to End of your map development.

How would I remember what I made the first months of mapping? which is several years ago?
But it went from simple, blocky boring and stupid to incredible awesome :v:

Use grammar, it makes understanding you easier.

I understood ot perfectly, i dont see how he could improve, except an explanation.

I can’t remember what I made back in 2000… I was only 10 years old. I think it was a “bank” with the grid locked to 64 unit blocks.

Oh the fucking irony. :3:


I really can’t remember, it was such a long long time ago. I’m on year 4 by the way.

Well. First months: Shit
Second - sixth months: more shit.
Now: Not as shitty. (But not super epic :frowning: )

My first map was a dev textured room for CS 1.6. Then I made a whole warehouse with a construction site and a crane, but it looked horrible. Then I made some weird Black Mesa thing that still looked horrible but it had a crate you could move. Then I don’t remember up until recent maps.

Alot of practise.

Unfortunately, is the only way.

1st day: Really blocky 'Building'

2nd day: Worked more on the 'Building'

1st week: A small displacement :O

1st month: Two small houses, a large displacement

6 month: A small skyscraper

1 year: A small town

After that, who knows :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, lets see.

Day 1: A perfectly square room. EXACTLY like the one from the tutorial on the VDC.

Day 2: Made a couple of displacements and had a play with what looked good.

Week 1: Made a small house.

Week 2: Expanded on the house (was a town)

1 Year: Currently at this stage now. (Out of ideas)

2 Years: Guess.

Day one: grass, skybox, cabin, info_player_start, texturing
Day two: lighting
Day three: from there on, entities, custom textures, complex systems

Day 1: A hollow block with a generic brick texture (uncompiled)
Week 1:A hollow block with different textures, a player spawn and weapons. (compiled)
Week 2: Experimentation using tutorials and learning the I/O system.
Month 1: Experimentation using tutorials.
Month 2: Recreated my house and continued to learn from tutorials.
Year 1: Continued to learn and build.
Year 2: Started to build Wetwork.

day 1: A huge hollow box with brick texture.
day 2: Put stuff in the big box like smaller boxes floating around.
week 1: First crappy displacement.
week 2: Experimenting with props and other entities.
week 3: Getting sort of artistic.
month 1: From there on, still learning and alot of half done maps waiting to be completed.

Day 1: Made the level from the Valve wiki, slightly overwhelmed I quit for a while…
A few months later: I found out that I had the tool installed and dicked with it. I made a box with a door and a box with water.
A few days after that: I was getting better, in a week or so I made
A few months ago: I joined a gaming community and was quite focused on Zombie Panic, I at the time was enjoying the “zpo_lake_of_the_dead” maps, though they were crappy. I decompiled it and made a map that I see appears on quite a few lake_of_the_dead servers… Around that time I learned the I/O system
Now: Getting more artistic, learning to light better and have released a few decent maps. I still need to grasp the concept of advanced optimization.

I have a pictures timeline of my works from the time I started mapping to current day. The order is from latest to oldest in chronological time. :3

Vacant Remake - July 7, 2009

The Compound - May 19, 2009

Hivac - May 9, 2009

Combine Beach Assault - October 5, 2008

Vacant - August 7, 2008

Doric’s Place - July 2008

**Dysprositos - July 2008 **

Codename: Svencoop Redux - 2008

Portal E3 Remake - December 2007 Originally for Exite Mod

Codename: Svencoop Source - October 15, 2007

Arctic Scenery - September 23, 2007

Black Mesa Complex - July 23, 2007

Sabomis - December 2006

Project: HALO - August 2006

Codename: Svencoop - December 2005

The first few months I was just fucking about in hammer, like everyone starts out, then I actually started looking at real life buildings, thinking how I could make that into a map, or add that as a mechanic or whatever.

About a year later, and providing I have the right details on a map, I can make just about anything.

By details, I mean when someone requests a map, I can usually always make exactly what they want.

Day 1: Hollowed out hallway for Tf2 with working flags and capture points. Fullbright.
Week 1: A map called gravity. Basically you use the grav gun to solve puzzles and kill turrets. Inspiration by portal.
The rest are unfinished maps that I tire of. Until I found a new system to map which works very well. Which involves working on one map one day, then another map the next day. And continue.