How we got the Gentleman meme.

Yeah, C&C.

Really good posing and it was funny.

I love how the medic looks like he is about to say “okay, what is wrong with you?”

I laughed.

“A bit of stuffing later…”

Why on earth would you have the punchline in the title?..

Because otherwise you wouldn’t get it, like everything else I’ve shown you.

That’s just stupid,it takes away the funny.

Like you think anything I’ve ever made was funny.


Please take this to a PM.

That’s exactly what i thought.

We already are on PM …

I though it was funny.

I thought it was really funny also

in a casual sort of way

Well posed.

Yeah good posing

Actually, to be frank. The posing is not good, concidering you have the fixed phys nexus_elite made. There are posing errors in every panel of this comic, and they are quite obvious too. They could be easily fixed if you spent an extra 10-15 seconds on each panel.

Even my sentry likes this. It was nicely posed.

I like it, you should make more.


It’s a game, Christ almighty. Don’t need to be so damn critical and bitter towards someone over a falling out.

Regardless I liked the comic, I have always liked your TF2 comics.

OMG that was good! Well posed and a great idea!