How we play Rust and how we think the game could evolve

Hi and first and formost thanks to the dev team for making this great game

we are a few friends that are playing this game together, but we are maybe doing it different from many, we have removed all modern weapons, metal building material (metal foundation, metal wall etc.) and are only using wood, and in this way we are playing it as it was in the medieval times with only Hunting bows, Hatches and handcanon as weapons, this is pretty funny since no one is overpowered, in this way we are attacking other settlements / wooden castles, this is a totaly great way to evolve the game into something else than the dev team might have intended ? :slight_smile:

Sugestion to the game seen from our perspective.

Since we have decidede to play it in antoher way we think it could be awesome if we got some more medieval items / building materials like.

Building stone / for castles, houses, bridges, roads. ::

craftable siege weapons / Trebuchet, Catapult, Balista, battering ram etc. but when they are deployed for an attack they should not be posible to move it around with just one person there should be a kind of coworking effort to move it around on the battlefield. ::

Personal weapons / Swords, laneces, maces, morning stars, Long bows, ect. you get it :wink: ::

Armor / plate armor, mail armor.

mounts / horses, horse wagons. ::

and it could be great if it could be able to dig a moat around the castle and put up a drawbridge.

well we could go one listing things up we would like to see ingame for the medieval theme but i think you know the what stuff that is :slight_smile:

all items should ofcourse be player made, and it could easy be implementet in the current game, game masters could just chosse to deactivate those items he wont see in the game just as we did with modern weapons and stuff.
and yeah as you might have guessed we are from scandinavia and we love the medieval, and viking stuff :wink:

happy gaming to all of you :slight_smile:

I’ve thought a medeival or stone age tech game would be pretty interesting with long drawn out sieges where players try to hack away at rings of wooden doors while defenders rain down arrows.

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While I don’t like modern weapons etc… I feel like medieval them isn’t what this game is…

Although I could imagine this game being more balanced without metal doors and walls etc…

just curious, you’ve removed all the modern stuff.

how do you attack each other’s castle’s without C4?

Think you missed the part where all they can build with is wood… which can be chopped down?

Only wooden doors, Spike walls, Large Spike Walls, and Barricades.

How to win on this server…Build wooden gates/gateways around you entire base.

At first I was going to leave a snarky/smart-ass comment about reading comprehension but it dawned on me that you may not be aware that "craftable siege weapons / Trebuchet, Catapult, Balista, battering ram etc. " were ways that medieval armies would use to gain access to castles and forts by breaking down the walls.

While I like the idea of a medieval MOD for Rust (and also, horror mod, etc.) I think its unlikely the devs will throw out all the hard work they’ve done on the current weapons.

They threw out zombies, added lowtech items like the pipe shotgun and revolver and they are looking at mid-tier buildings like stone structures so it does seem they want to tech things down (except for the patrol helicopter)…

They don’t necessarily need to make a medieval themed engine, just add content that a server admin could use to create a medieval mod.

I like the idea with the building resources. But I am not too sure about all that sword and armor stuff

I Don’t like the idea of having a group of people lifting a battering ram to a door, Im a sole survivor, maybe you could do it by yourself, but it would take less time if there were more people lifting it.

Too middle age. Again the game isnt notime or will not be later on (maybe theyll change their mind thou) but neither is it middle age, it will be a survival with homemade weps that doesnt look like military but more like the revolver and its gonna be a island with over natural creatures. So if you want a game like that go ahead and buy one, cause i dont think any of that will be added, as we dont use that anymore, bow’s and arrow’s we use thou thats why it was added into the game i think.

If they would only add in, items that we are using now a days, i would like to know where in the world you find “Over natural creatures” ? and if you did read my first post i wrote that all the ideas would be things the Admin could chosse to turn on and of as it pleases him that way there could still be modern, stoneage, medieval, and space or whatever theme you like to play the game in even with your over natural creatures :wink: it was just a suggestion what our little group of players would like to see ingame, but we can just guess what dev. decides the direction of the game, we just have to be patient, test the game for them give costructive feedback and enjoy the great work they are doing :slight_smile:

What do you call dino’s? I dont think we use them as pets theese days and i dont believe they have ever existed.
It could be ok but still if only a few people would use it and they had to use time on it rather than what planned they would waste time. Srry just sayin my oppinion

I’d have to agree with some of what Per0vic said. These things seem more appropriate for the modding community once the game is released. I’d rather the dev team focus on the direction they are going already.

hmm, what is all those bones the Archaeologies is digging out of the ground then? aliens?

Yeah it could be an mod after the game is realesed, im just couries to see where the game goes, its stil cool now and full of posibilities :slight_smile:

Building with stone, definitely. Also like the idea of crossbows and catapults. And maybe a bow that you can actually aim would be nice.

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Those are just giant chicken bones.

Man… i used to play in a server almost like that, but military drop could be obtained by airdrops (but very rarely), still, all ppl had was bows and handmade weapons… was prty fun to play… not the “log in and get blasted in the face 10secs later” experience we all know. shame the server now is closed… i cant find anyone like it anymoe =\

i think all those medieval ideias could be implemented… and server owners could simple have the choice to enable then in their servers (and disable all the military stuff) if they wish to do so…

btw… stone building gotta come fast… rocks right now are almost useless =\ is the perfect intermediate between wood and metal =\

I added a link to this post from mine because I liked the ideas!

Here is a link to my post!
I had some ideas! (guns/housing/vehicles/crazy shit