How weapon crafting should work

What if instead of researching a weapon you needed to research weapon parts, stock,upper receiver barrel etc. And instead of having mod slots you would need to have mounts and things like that. I understand Gary and most of the community want to go less modern but I personally think that weapons like the m4 and p250 should be kept, just more complex. Please tell me your thoughts!

No modern weapons please. I dont care how hard you make it to craft. I am ok with air drop modern weaps but ammo should be limited and not craftable for them

So you only want to battle with the Old or Homemade weapons? I personally dont agree with it.
But i also dont like how is it is to get high tier weapons like an M4.

They Should be Craftable with parts like he said or Very Expensive.

How the hell do you craft a rifled barrel with hand tools? Anyone here even fire a real firearm before

By inserting a tube mounted with the rifling hook cutter box down the bore of the barrel.
Step #5

Going by that mentality, How the hell does some one run from a rad town to wasteland without getting exhausted, have you ever ran a marathon before?

Rust isn’t a simulator game

So where did you learn to craft that fine precision tool from smart ass. Basics i can live with, smooth bore firearms maybe but fineley crafted semi and full auto assault weapons being made on a bench you built ten minutes ago is too much. Even the tools required to make the parts the op speaks about would need better tools to make them. Its just not realistic at all. If you want a battel field clone game go play one, theres lots out there

How can you carry a whole house in youre Inventory?

Dont start with realism this is a Game.
It gives you the freedom to make things which are not possible in real life

Then why can’t I make a lightsaber?

are we really back to this? the problem is not can a gun be made in modern life, the issue is can a gun be made with primitive tools, and the answer really is no. but some realism has to be sacrificed for playability.

personally i’m happy with the current gun crafting system, but think that maybe only basic guns should be craftable, such as revolver, pipe and bolty. semi autos should be salvaged.

There should DEFINITELY be lightsabers! (… joke)

I’d personally have multiple uses for a light saber. :slight_smile:

SOME third degree burns are worth it huh;)

I get why some people don’t want modern weapons, but I personally do want them in the game, just to add more variety and something higher to aim for.
And instead of being able to craft the weapon parts, you can ONLY find them in air-drops, max perhaps 2 parts at a time.
This way you cant just hunker down in your house and make a fully auto M4, or go out, find one, and then hunker down in your hous and make an M4. (Which means you can’t research and craft them)

Lemme just throw out some random idea, you should have a crafting attribute thing sort of thing u know what i mean. It should increase as you use your hands/craft stuff. The more you craft guns and learn ammunition/weapon types, the more you craft em the more you’re experienced and talented in crafting. After you’ve mastered guns and became a real craftsman with skilled hands, then maybe you could craft expensive ass modern weapons. Sort of an rpg element… I don’t know somethin like dat.

This guy said it all. Saves me effort :smiley: +1

Not implemented yet :smiley:

How about implementing a, I donno, gun-making-machine as ‘loot’, much like a sort of workbench?
Maybe different machines for different parts of the gun? One for the barrel, one for the reciver, one for the whatever.

You find this machine, very rare, & you bring the blueprints & materials to this ‘workbench’ & you can make a gun.

This can either be static, forcing you to expose yourself to other players or radiation whilst crafting the gun & possibly loosing the materials going to & from the site - or it could be mobile, allowing you to place it at your home, like the workbench.

What you gys say?

I really actually like that, maybe from an airdrop you can find this and bring it to base I think it should take a lot of room though like a whole wall in size and require some kind of fee to use or will require a fuel