How well will this comptuer run Garry's Mod

On my birthday which isnt that long away im getting a new computer and im wondering whether this computer can run garrysmod well without lots of lag
please post any comments :slight_smile:


thx for the reply

Bear in mind though, lag is mainly caused by your internet connection speed. You could hook that up to a dial up connection, the game would run fine but you would lag like fuck.

It should run it perfectly.

Gmod can be quite the RAM eater. so 8GB is more than enough :slight_smile:

Just a note for when you’re unbanned, that is an AMD system and is way overpriced for what it is, you could get a cheap case, 1155 MOBO, i3 Processor, RAM and Graphics Card for the money you’re spending.

Although I agree with you, not everybody knows how to assemble a PC themselves. Unless you’re referring to a prebuilt PC

I have a small problem,
My computer can run garry’s mod fine, but when i try to join an online game its completely horrible. It takes forever to load, and when i finally get in, within 10 seconds i get the “Error Disconnection problem, 40 seconds”
the main problem is, i have a laptop. Its NOT a desktop.

Heres my computer brand.

Please help me!

If you do, ill love you forever.

Well to be honest you might have to shell out for a desktop, gmod dosen’t have a good history with laptops.

It might be your internet connection

No, lag is mainly caused by instability in Source itself, and random RAM / CPU usage spikes. Not just your internet. I’ve played games of CS:S that lag like fuck, and I’ve got a better built than the one OP posted. Source is still unstable in many areas.

You are wrong.

I can play Source just fine and have never had any internet problems with it, unless I’m downloading stuff.

Okay just to clarify this cause most of you can’t seem to get it quite right.

  1. Yes it shall run it fine however it is a tad over priced. suggest checking PC building in hardware and software and ask around to see what other pre-builts you can get for a much cheaper price(unless your planning to run BF3 in that case ignore number 1.)

  2. Sphinxa279 is correct. Source requires atleast 30kb/s down 15kb/s up unless the rates of the server your connecting to are different. Such as 66/67 will use 67kb/s down 33kb/s up (generally higher rates better response and can in sometimes result in a lower ping rate, how ever if your internet connection can’t deal with a high rate server then you will get lag between you and the server)

  3. Justin14s. Switch to a ethernet connection if you can, restart laptop and try again, your wifi connection maybe triggering Windows to search for a new connection every so often(this used to happen for vista alot till SP2.)

Lag is a delay between packets of data being sent from your pc to the server and visa versa. Yes, if your PC was very slow it may not be able to process the data fast enough resulting in lag.

It’s not mainly caused by your PC, it “mainly” caused by your internet speed.

It will run it fine.

with no update capability in the future.

Learn to read. I never claimed it was your PC, I said it’s Source engine itself, which is for the most part true.

It’s not even the source engine, the stability of the source engine is fine.

Hardly. The engine still crashes out when you alt-tab out of fullscreen (hence most people I know including myself run in windowed), Steam Overlay causes the engine to crash, odd phyiscs collisions, etc. Source is the only engine I know where you can have a map leak and be able to run the game fine, but a map crashes if you have an entity intersecting a wall.

Steam Overlay has never caused me problems apart from BF2 and Punkbuster, also, maps do not crash if an entity is intersecting a wall, light_spots are fine like that.