How will Gmod use the Novint Falcon?

This thing.

I’m guessing Garry will implement it like this.


No, he probably wont.


Wait what the fuck a fleshlight on the end of it?

He has one on his desk and he also said he’s going to implement it.

Here, second page.

I dont really see a practical use for this thing :S sure moving props around with phys_gun will be easier but, is it worth the £30 - £50 is will probably cost to buy in the first place.

Personally I think I will stick to keyboard & mouse

It’s fun feeling stuff with it.

Uh,please,explain this to me.

Yes, do tell. What exactly is this and why is there a fleshlight on it?

I agree, I think you need to explan yourself…

It’s a joystick-type-thing that gives force feedback (like recoil, explosions, damage, etc) through motors in the device.
As to why there’s a fleshlight on that one, I have no idea.

It would be fun to use in different gamemodes centered around combat.

I think you kinda answered your own question with that one.

sigh were totally going to get alot of sex based games now…

As great as it is; it’s propitiatory hardware, so unlike mice or keyboards there’s no competition, making prices ridiculously high and limiting innovation.