How will mapping work?

Does anyone know how mapping will work? How will it work if you for example want to make a map for a specific gamemode that someone else has made, or a map that “any” gamemode can play on.

I also read about there being a system where people who make content for the game could possibly earn income, does mapping include here or is it only for gamemodes?

Perhaps my answer will seem inappropriate, but as I know, you can only do cartography after buying Alyx VR, where you can take Hammer to Source2 and make a map there with tools.

Or. If there is a built-in editor in s&box, then you can safely start with it right away.

It’s just normal source 2 hammer. Much easier to use than Source 1

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S&box comes with all the tools you need for map creation. You only need alyx if you want to start mapping before you get s&box (keep in mind, s&box does not allow alyx assets)

It’s honestly easy as making a map, putting it up on the dev site, (either as a zip, or link to GitHub) and selecting it when making a new game lobby.

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Would it be easier if Harry gave us the opportunity to install the Map Editor with all the tools for free, so that later, when you receive the s&box, you can install it in the game?

You can just buy HL Alyx or use Steam VR Hammer editor… Sure S&box has expanded a bit on it, but you can get by without it.

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This is silly, it makes more sense that you’d have to purchase the game for which you are going to “study cartography”, does it not?

“Harry” has no incentive to do this, it would just give pirates the ability to develop for pirated version of the games and have their own little corner.

The problem with this, is that s&box is not like garry’s mod, and cannot be separated easily from the tools. It would take a lot of work to ship the tools without a playable client, and that’s wasted time for the small development team at facepunch.

Simplicity and accessibility have sunk into oblivion

Game engines are inherently complex, with a ton of moving subsystems and parts. Source 2 is probably the cleanest engine of its scale out there. Accessability to people who should not be able to play what they make? That’s a very niche and stupid subset to account for…

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