How will new building system prevent griefing/ easy raiding?

Clearly two issues with the current building system:

It is very easy to grief someone’s house e.g. smash a staircase, build a ceiling e.g. wall in someone’s doorway, replace their doorway etc

It is very easy to raid by building stairs up the side of your house unless you surround the house totally by pillars i.e. very time consuming, ugly and not really realistic/ fun

Anybody got any thoughts/ ideas on how the new system could address these issues whilst still allowing raids etc?

From what i understand, the new system uses a framing system where you set a frame for a new structure then build it over time by adding materials.


Instead of climbing barricades, we could have 1 wall high ladders that you could use instead. Also believe it or not rust houses are a hell of a lot stronger than normal houses. Ceilings are indestructible, as is the floor, and just a bit of C4 could easily wipe out a normal every day house.

All very true but you don’t build normal every day houses to defend against groups of raiders with c4 and magical building skills to block stairways/doorways in a matter of minutes… Unless you live in Syria…

Except as stated before the new system doesn’t work that way

I think we have to remember that actually, in the past 3 months, there have been zero gameplay improvements. All of the fundamental complaints about the game are not being addressed- the whole code is being re-written.

When the new version is implemented, we will still be in exactly the same gameplay situation as before. I hope they get to work on the gameplay asap!

Furthermore garry has to ask himself: should you be able to be completely save?
strength and availability of c4 drastically change gameplay.

people actually grief in this game? that makes me sad.

So I imagine with the new building system, at least eventually, building will be a much more resource and time expensive process. Simply throwing up staircases everywhere will be rather more impractical. One can see the possibility of organized large groups doing a sort of siege warfare where they must maintain a defensive perimeter for a long period while they try to build the Rust equivalent of a siege tower or try to break their way through walls. Consider also in the future that inventories will be much more restrictive, it’s likely only the largest and most advanced targets will be worthwhile but also require lots of cooperation to pull off.

I hope in the future players face problems that only can be solved with multiple people. To get more teamplay going.

I like this, though I do think that the servers will require more than 150 players to achieve multiple “communities” fighting each other. I would love to see maybe 400 players online, would be utter chaos and it would make resource gathering considerably harder, forcing people to join up.

That would be complete chaos, certainly. A 150 players limit could definitely allow for a number of organized groups of 10-20 individuals though as well as we poor solo wanderers.

I think Ebrim is onto something. Fundamentally, building a staircase up the side of my house should be extremely time consuming ‘on location’- as opposed to making C4, which is resource consumptive but takes little time ‘on location’. So do you spend the time building on location or do you come with C4 and blow all the doors from the floor up. As opposed to at the moment- quickly build up the side and then blow the top floor…

The map is huge. 150 will feel barren.

You serious? I normally play on a 45 player server and have never gone any longer than 30 minutes without at least seeing someone run along the road.

The road? the new map has no road.

Procedural map could scale by server capacity

Is that an suggestion or is that an actual concept idea of the devs?

The maps we have seen so far aren’t all that huge. You can generally run into someone within 5 minutes and that’s with player numbers around the 25-30 range.

hopefully this doesnt make house building into an even longer endeavor. it’s already one of the most dangerous things in the game is to build a house depending where it is. craft times + new construction times means you’ll be a sitting duck even longer.