How will PVP be handled later?

Even when the rest of the official map gets finished, how will the direction of PvP be handled? Currently, it seems that all that happens is groups beef back and forth and the first one to have the majority of people needing to log out will have their base destroyed and all their loot taken.

I mean, nothing persists (right?) from one character to another when you switch servers, and hiding bases is really hard, seeing as you can only build up and not dig underground, or find a way to camouflage. Also, resource gathering takes a while, and resource costs are pretty high. I see the only outcome being that one group on a server will monopolize everything and jusy straight up obliterate anyone trying to get a footing.

By people growing balls?

Once you have learnt all the crafting recipes, there is nothing stopping you retaliating even if your base is wiped out. You just have to get back on, move to a new area and start again.

That way, you know where they are, they don’t know where you are.

Yeah I find PvP to be rewarding when it’s 1v1, win or lose. Getting 5v1’d by whatever clan has decided to take over the server is generally not for anyone.

Server is great-> Clan comes, KoS’s everyone repeatedly -> everyone leaves the server -> then Clan leaves once the server is dead.

The cycle of server life and death continues.

Hackers did that on one of my favorite servers, this is exactly what happened.

The trick to being successful is being large in group otherwise it’s too difficult.

Everything you guys said apply to servers which you can craft C4. Servers with uncraftable C4 are WAY more balanced than that and even a lone wolf can survive against a big group of raiders.

The game needs more balance at the moment and the only actual solution for a balance right now is make C4 uncraftable (you will still be able to find C4 on crates, animals and airdrops).

I think a solution for the future will be more defenses, such as traps, etc.

I would love to build camouflage or be able to dig underground. It would make hiding a base so much more fun.

Very true, but finding a base wouldn’t be.

If dinos get added pvp is useless because dinos would just insta gib everything and you would have 90 foot trexs and stuff walking around.