How will S&box solve the Addon problem Gmod Had?

The workshop is great for the public to invent addons used across all servers for exmaple;

redhat.mdl - Downloaded by 1000+ servers

But I’m Mr.server-owner and my servers are better! So I changed the redhat.mdl’s code so now it’s 3px larger :eyes: Oh…But I gotta make sure my clients get the 3px larger version, and I like to keep all my server content in one place… sooo here it goes!

workshop boom :boom:
Addon 1 - Hats/

  • redhat.mdl

Addon 2 - BallsacServers_Hat_content/

  • redhat_3px_larger.mdl
  • redhat.mdl **<—**This is now the same file on the workshop for no reason. :boom:

Big-O sad, Many cry. What’s the go?


Talked about this awhile ago with a couple of other people aswell I think we came to the conclusion that it might be possible to have something check the models and other assets and make sure none are duplicative but this would be very resource heavy etc so probably the best way is to takedown pack’s that reupload previous assets but theres a load of trouble there too. I’ll have another think about it but its one of those shitty things that happen.


Permission or not, reuploading things that are already on the workshop shouldn’t be allowed. It causes such an unnecessary hassle and my garrysmod/download folder has so many 1gb content packs which contain addons I already have installed, it’s such an unnecessary hassle and it really pisses me off when servers do that for no apparent reason.

So yeah, one solution would be to get some sort of moderating team on the workshop.


This is easily fixed with addon dependencies. Why include a old version of a framework, when you can just link it? Hopefully we won’t be stuck with the workshop’s poor implementation of it.


Just prevent addons from overwriting other addons.
If X uploads hat.mdl and Y uploads hat.mdl(modified), then X will still only use hat.mdl and Y will use hat.mdl(modified).

If addons are properly sandboxed then this is not a big issue.
Dev’s could also mark their addon as over-writable in a config file, or as @WYVERN mentioned, use inheritance, so you can mark an addon as overwriting another.

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