How will this server run?

Okay, were gonna get a Dedicated server, However they only have LINUX OS…

So i need to know if it will run well…
Intel® Core™ i7-920 Quadcore
incl. Hyper-Threading Technology
Hard discs 2 x 750 GB SATA-II HDD
(Software-RAID 1)
NIC 1 GBit OnBoard
Backup Space 100 GB
Traffic Unlimited
Full root access
4 Dedicated IP (Allocation in accordance with RIPE guidelines)

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it will run great costly but run very fast. probably can run tons of addons best for build servers good luck on
hosting your server. btw you can also host more than one gmod server and any other games you play

and i have the i7 its really fast

As far as I know you need a windows based operating system to run srcds.exe, so the system may be good but it needs to be windows.

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Well i7 is an awesome processor :smiley: And I think it would probably run better with windows.

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Yes, it would run better on windows. I recommend you still buy it, and put on Windows server 2003.

u can run it on linuxs based os with wine

Yeah, there’s a guide on how to run it through wine on the wiki:

The problem with this setup is that you’ll need to either connect a monitor or find some other way to trick it into running X Windows, because the server gets confused and doesn’t run if it can’t spawn the window…

Currently they only accept Linux OS…

However i might be able to get a Windows License(Thank you Dreamspark)

920 is the right one to get. So this will be awesome.