How will we get cloth?

If all animals except chickens drop leather, but it’s only used for armor, where will we get the cloth needed for things like LGF and guns and c4? Have chickens become super valuable?

Animals will still drop cloth, just at 50% of the rate they used to, plus you can still get cloth from hemp plants.

Oh! Ok. IMO they should have just added something like a tanning rack that turns cloth into leather.

How about getting cloth the same place the majority of if has come from the last couple of months - hemp? If you’ve been primarily farming animals for cloth since the introduction of hemp, you’ve been doing it wrong.

At least we are not in the weird parallel universe anymore where cloth magically became leather when treated in a furnace.

Cloth should be removed entirely as animal drops, to be completely frank. Hemp plants already give a very generous amount when picked.

@Crunchmeister or like me you have been reading most of the patchnotes and still missed both there and ingame that hemp exists. Is it just growing in places? Cause i would’ve definitely noticed if i suddenly had the use cursor while runnign around.

Run around and collect hemp fibers in forests n such.

What do the hemp look like? I haven’t seen these yet for some reason. Do you pick up them like corn plant - by hand?

Nevermind: I googled and found a youtube with pics.

In addition to this, there’s a trick to collecting lots of hemp.

Depending on your graphics settings, most vegetation doesnt load in until a certain distance from you, but since pickups (including hemp) aren’t classed as vegetation, they will be visible before anything else.

So when you see small bushes in the distance in forest with no other vegetation visible around them yet, they are hemp plants.

Cool, thanks for the tip.