how wipe (rollback) works ? she not erase all construction ?

like all my post: sorry for my language i’m not english

Hi everyone i already search in facepunch forum with no succes so sorry if this question have already an response.

Is on “EU France (French speaking only)” I don’t understand how someone build lot of house near me when my house was wipe one day ago or 2 days ago or everyday i think. No telling me is bandit blow my wall or door or everything else NO WAY i see clearly was a wipe so why someone built METAL HOUSE in the night (i was here all the night and my construction was erase i don’t understand why neighbort’s house was not erase ? )

edit: is just for talk and for know the “system” save, not for acuse host or degrade server. I know is difficult to drive server also congrat for your work.

Which Server?

sorry i re edit my post to add the server. is on “EU no sleep French speaking only”

do you access your house everyday if you do not then the decay kicks in and this could be why your house is no longer there

Yes i’m conected every fucking day and farm every fucking hours in my life since two month. This fucking good game drive me crazy !!!

You like fucking eh?

yes but how you know that ? :wink: