How would autorun commands on certain groups?

I have a punished group, which would be for what I put people who are being jerks, but either a kick/ban is too much/not enjoyable enough, and slays are too litte. I understand it would be put in lua/autorun, and it would have to be like “if.ply.usergroup(punished) then” blah blah blah, but I’m not sure how I would execute the commands. What I want to do is it would check if they have any weapons, and if they do, it would strip them with ulx strip the second they pick it up, it check if they aren’t gagged or muted and if so it would do so. So that they can only walk around and be killed and only communicate through asay. How would I accomplish this?

bump. I need help on this. Not just for doing these commands, but for the server to autorun commands in certain times on certain people, like in another example when I desginate certain people in a groupd, actions are carried out, from give them a weapon to fspec, etc.