How would do I display a model of an entity client side?

Im making this custom shipment and Im wondering how I would best go about displaying its contents ontop of the shipment… Currently im making a model on the server and setting the parent to the shipment itself which is obviously a really bad way of doing it:

self.dispMod = ents.Create("prop_physics")
						self.dispMod:SetPos(self:GetPos() + Vector(0,-13,26))

Id like to do this client side. How would I do this? Any ideas?
Sorry for the derp in the title :v:

-snip- was ment for WAYWO

How do I position a ClientsideModel though?

SetPos or SetRenderOrigin

How exactly would it be done though?

local modelCL = ClientsideModel(blah, 0)

Something like that?

duh, also why are you passing 0 as the second argument for ClientsideModel, where would you even get the idea that’s an okay thing to do.

Yeah I know, i was just using 0 in my example. Thanks very much for your help!