How would GAC work in this situation?

Hi facepunch, im not quite sure if this is the write place to post this, if not then just tell me and i close this and remake it on the right spot :slight_smile:

Its because I have some doubts about GAC (garrys anti cheat?)
Because I wanna test out my own Anticheat but im not sure, if i actually download a hack to use on my own server to test it, will i then get “Gac’ed” :smiley: (just a quick word) aka banned from multiplayer?

Plz let me hear your thought :slight_smile:

also, if it does, is there so anyway that i can disable it for a shout while?
I did -insecure on my server but im not sure if that diable Gac aswell?

Thanks 4 your time :slight_smile:

What I do is make a local server with the same set up as the regular server and unplug my internet while doing anti-cheat stuff.

Hmm, that could be a way… so i guess that Gac cant be disabled? :frowning:

Oh well, ty for the suggestion… I may do that :stuck_out_tongue: