How would I add ranks in GmodRP?

I’m trying to add levels for certain Jobs I’m making. I’m currently working on a huge edit of GmodRP so far its totally different from GmodRP now I got rap music on the radio, all jobs were wiped and added new ones, cond guns, players drop random money on death, Custom entities, Custom items, Custom derma,changed companys to gangs etc. What I’m in need of is another system like the government system. I need at least 5 systems. By the way the edit I’m working on I’m going to be calling it GhettoRP

I already got a derma for the exp and the exp runs on how much time you’ve played so 100 minutes is level 1. 1 minute = 1% and there is 100% in a level.

What levels I need:

Level 5: 500 minutes
Level 4: 400 minutes
Level 3: 300 minutes
Level 2: 200 minutes
Level 1: 100 minutes

When they become Level 5 they will be able to become a certain Job.


You have played 500 minutes:
Congratulations you have reached Level 5 you can now choose “job”

You have not played 500 minutes:
You must be at least Level 5 to play “job”

This Is the last thing I need added then the gamemode Is done. If anyone can help me with this It would be much appreciated I will also add you as admin on my server. All I really need is one of the levels done for an example and I can do the rest. :biggrin:

Here is the exp codes:

local mins = 0;
local hours = 0;

local contents = file.Read( "timeplayed.txt" );
if contents then mins, hours = contents:match( "(%d+);(%d+)" ); end

local function callback( )
	mins = mins + 1;
	if mins == 100 then
		mins = 0;
		hours = hours + 1;
	file.Write( "timeplayed.txt", string.format( "%i;%i", mins, hours ) );

timer.Create( "TimeCounter", 60, 0, callback );

local text = string.format( "Level: %i    Exp: %i ", hours, mins );
	 --draw.RoundedBox(6, 0,720, 850, 50, Color(50, 50, 75, 75)) -- Back Panel - bottom
	draw.SimpleText( text, "GhettoRPFontOne", ScrW( ) - 550 + 1, 745 + 1, Color( 0, 0, 0, 255 ), TEXT_ALIGN_RIGHT, TEXT_ALIGN_TOP );
	draw.SimpleText( text, "GhettoRPFontOne", ScrW( ) - 550, 745, Color( 255, 255, 255, 255 ), TEXT_ALIGN_RIGHT, TEXT_ALIGN_TOP );

To test the server join this IP:
The name of the server is:24/7 Special Operations Roleplay