How would I bind a key to the context menu?

I know that TTT does it and fretta does something like it when you’re in spectator mode.


Like that?

yes, thanks.




Those two don’t allow you to assign a key to opening the context menu, just executes some code when it is opened / closed

He asked how TTT did it

It was resolved 11 hours ago.

I had something else to add and I did, out of my own free will.

Yeah, don’t shoot down Willox’s answer just because he used mine, the player can manually go in and bind a key to context menu, he may want to use Willox’s answer to execute code when they open it

Actually, the one c-unit posted wasn’t really what I was looking for, this I can easily use. The other one made you have to do all this coding to check if it opened.

That’s because the one I posted is just to make sure a character has the key bound to it.

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that’s how i would use it anyways, if they push c then open the context menu, then use game.OnContextMenuOpen to do something